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first entry in a new community

hey guys, i'm natalie, i started this community for all dead meadow fans, since they rock

i just saw them at the knitting factory in nyc last monday with the icarus line and they were fucking amazing

it's great to have a band with led zep/jimi roots these days

so yeah, feel free to post long as it somehow relates to dead meadow
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DOOOOOD I FOUND THIS COMMUNITY AND THEN IT HAPPENED TO BE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW its a small lJ do you mind if i join?
you can def join, but i don't really keep it up

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October 15 2004, 14:41:12 UTC 13 years ago

hi people, im chris, i love dead meadow. my friend told me about them, after finding out about them through matador records, (because he listened to pavement). We both are trying very hard to get to one of ther shows, but we not old enough for some (only 16) so its a bitch. But dead meadow has the best sound ive ever heard and i cant stop listening to them. THey are insperational.
what happened to this community!i say we make some banners and get it moving!