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Dead Meadow Rock so Hard...

That I want to crap my pants.

They were SUPPOSED to play Fresno a month or so ago, but since it's fucking FRESNO they flaked on us.
They were on the way to LA via San Francisco, and I guess they just flaked. It was short notice and would have given them a crowd of about 30 at some shitty bar, but I wanted to see them, dammit.

I learned about them through the Fresno State radio station, which I am no longer a part of. I was the only one playing their new album and the music director tried to hide it from me because he wants the station to play shitty music and pretty much abandon rock in general.

haha enough complaining, Dead Meadow is my favorite new band right now. I liked "Feathers," and it introduced me to the band, but I think their older stuff pretty much blows it out of the water. The new recordings of "Heaven" and especially "The Sleepy Silver Door" are really cool though!

Good to see rock music and fuzz guitar still getting it done :O)
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